SorbaView SHIELD

The patented SorbaView® SHIELD is a one-step catheter securement system that combines the features and benefits of a SorbaView® Dressing with SHIELD Technology.

SorbaView Dressings set the standard of excellence in catheter site management. They go on easier and wear longer than other dressings - SorbaView wicks away excess moisture and "breathes" like skin, while protecting patients by keeping out bacteria.

SHIELD Technology guards the catheter from aggressive movements and eliminates the need for a secondary securement device. With the addition of SHIELD Technology, dressings stay on and catheters stay put. By keeping the catheter in place, the risk of complications such as dislodgement are dramatically reduced.

Combined together, SorbaView SHIELD offers all the features and benefits that have made SorbaView the leader in catheter dressings, with the added strength and stabilization of our patented Shield Technology. Marrying these defensive features together results in an unsurpassed level of catheter stabilization and securement.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to apply - won't stick to itself during application
  • Stays securely in place
  • Provides proven barrier against bacteria and contaminants
  • Allows vapors to escape through the film window - dressing "breathes" like skin
  • Absorbent pad wicks away excess moisture
  • Non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritating and latex free
  • Establishes a standard of care and eliminates inconsistent methods of securement
  • Using one product instead of two lowers costs
  • Prevents catheter movement and dislodgement
  • Latex free, non-sensitizing adhesive
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit any vascular access site
  • 7-day wear time means fewer dressing changes and reduced labor costs for central lines
  • Wear time of 7 days meets the demands of hospital protocols for central lines
  • Provides proven barrier against bacteria and contaminants, lowering the risk of Central Line Blood Stream Infections  (CLABSIs)

Additional Centurion SorbaView Window Dressing Products Available for CVC Insertion Trays:

SorbaView Ultimate IJ Dressing
Particularly suited for large inducer catheters, the SorbaView Ultimate IJ Dressing System with Tubing Anchor stays intact for extended periods. It provides a proven barrier to liquids and bacteria, while allowing excellent breathability. SorbaView is easy to apply and minimizes patient discomfort.

SorbaView Ultimate Dressing
Our specially designed SorbaView Ultimate Dressing for central lines features an adhesive-free zone that is designed to fit over the BIOPATCH® Protective Disk. This system increases the area of protection for the insertion site and allows for easy removal of the dressing without jeopardizing the integrity of the BIOPATCH.